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Latest Productions

Oscar Hernández & Alma Libre
Gilberto Vélez
La Rumba Y Yo
Marco Bermúdez
En Mi Voz
Oscar Hernández & Alma Libre
Love the Moment
Spanish Harlem Orchestra
The Latin Jazz Project
Spanish Harlem Orchestra
Imágenes Latinas
Spanish Harlem Orchestra
Oscar Hernández & Alma Libre
Art of Latin Jazz

Recent Productions

Art of Latin Jazz

Oscar’s first CD as a solo Artists NOTE: International Orders: Download only. Sample Tracks:

Spanish Harlem Orchestra - Anniversary

Winner of the 2018 Grammy - Best Tropical NOTE: International Orders: Download only. Sample Tracks: One Sheet

About Ovation Records

Oscar Hernández

After decades of working in the music industry, I'm forming my own record and production company to share my professional experience, industry networks, and creative vision to artists wanting to elevate every facet of how they create and record their music.

Introducing Ovation Records and Productions, the culmination of a lifetime dedicated to creating, producing and making music with the best musicians in the world. From song selection, arranging and recording, to post-production, mixing and mastering, artists will work with our team of highly skilled musicians in New York City and Los Angeles associated with our Grammy Award winning history of quality.

Committed to your voice and vision, Ovation Records and Productions understands that artistic excellence requires a fun, flexible and efficient approach to achieving your musical dreams.

Let's talk about your future and the possibilities of your music!
Oscar Hernández

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