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I have been in the music business for most of my life. First as a musician and quickly I delved into the music production arena. Throughout the years my commitment to producing quality music has never wavered. My dedication to excellence inspired me to form Ovation Records and Productions. I have set out to share my professional experience, industry network, and my creative vision with artists whose goal is to elevate every facet of how they create and record their music.

Ovation Records and Productions offers aspiring and established artists the following:

• A one-on-one consultation with me and with top level music professionals to establish the objective, concept, and strategy for your project. This includes all aspects of the recording from start to end, such as the selection of songs, music arrangement, musicians, mix, mastering, budget, CD reproduction, and more.

• Having access to the absolute best and seasoned musicians on both coasts in addition to direct access to me as pianist/arranger/producer.

• Working in studios with stellar reputations in both New York City and Los Angeles to record live sessions. These top-notch studios offer professional recordings in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Listed below are some of these studios along with the technical equipment they offer:

Committed to your voice and vision, Ovation Records and Productions understand the recording experience requires a fun, flexible, and efficient approach to achieving your musical endeavors.

Let's talk about your future and the possibilities of your music!

Contact us to talk about your next project!

Oscar Hernández


Van Nuys, CA
Home to a vintage API console consisting of two sections. The original 32 channels section has 554 semi-parametric EQs and the 16 channel fully integrated sidecar is equipped with 550 stepped EQs. Both offer the mega-headroom 312 mic preamps. Get that legenday API sound on all of your tracks with 32 inputs to Pro Tools.


Little Falls, NJ

Mozart Studio started as Kostadin Kamcev's home studio, in the small town of Kavadarci, Macedonia. After only a few years, the studio grew to be a major recording studio in the capital of Macedonia, Skopje, where it provided services for the biggest artists in the country.

After moving to the United States, Kostadin Kamcev started working in couple of local recording studio, untill he put together the gear he brought with him from Macedonia to open the American version of Mozart Studio. Starting with local artists, Mozart Studio carved its way in the music industry, and became the home for some of the best musicians in the business. Nowadays, Mozart Studio is well acoustically tuned, supplied with balanced power for its gear (Equitech), and provides professional sound to record your creative musical ideas. Mainly Pro Tools HDX Based, Mozart Studio has incorporated the best of both worlds, Analog and Digital, by accumulating and BUILDING lots of its outboard gear, as well incorporating a CLASP system to seamlessly integrate Pro Tools with a STUDER A827 2" 24 track Analog Recorder and a MCI JH24, 2" 16 Track Analog Recorder.

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